Last year, we raised $90,000 for our school - more than our goal!donate

Thanks to your kind support and that of our sponsors, we were able to provide improvements to our school that were sorely needed.  This included finishing our new Performing Arts Center with lighting and sound, as well as other vital needs.

Can we ask for your kindness again this Fall?

Please donate using the button to the right. In the memo of your donation, please let us know which student, teacher, or clergy member (listed below) your donation should be designated towards. Or you can simply donate in general for our fundraiser!



We are currently accepting corporate sponsorships.  Please email us to find out more information on how you can help in this way!


Please click to see larger versions of our wonderful students, clergy, and staff!




See the list of those participating below, so if you're donating online, you can put their name in the box: "Include a Message with Your Donation".

Kai Fernando Aguirre
Lucy Colombe
Aidan DeMark
Giuseppe D. DeMark
Colette Gergen
Simon Gibson
Philomena D. Henry
Luke McQuillin
Mia Obernuefemann
Isabella Rico
Lucy Smith
Helen Young

Cecilia Aguilar
Luke Chione
Gabriela DeMark
Gerard D. DeMark
Natalia Giron
Sophia Guevara-Casillas
Elora Hall
Benjamin Janney
Augustus Obernuefemann
Lucia Suter-Bruner
Gwenevere Weber
Lisa Young

Grace Colombe
Audrey DeMark
Joseph Hall
Mary D. Henry
Seth Latham
Juliana McQuillin
Dominic Pryor
Teresa Smith
Lucien Weber

Dominic Demark
Vincent D. Demark
Sophia Giron
Lucy Hall
Cyprian D. Henry
Marcellus Obernuefemann
Domenica Suter-Bruner
Melanie Young

Emily DeMark
Blaise P. Henry
Daniel Latham
Leah Miranda
Cecilia Taleck
Kieran Weber
William Young

Alexandra D. DeMark
Elijah Hall
Rebecca D. Henry
Tobias McQuillin
Magdalen Obernuefemann
Nathaniel Pryor
Anthony Rojas
Yaris Ruiz
Dominic Young

Gavin Colombe
Maria D. DeMark
Rachel DeMark
Evan Latham
Hannah McQuillin
Maximus Obernuefemann
Grace Smith
Alicia Taleck
Venice Weber
Jessika Wilson

Claire Chione
Noah D. Henry                            
Ellie Maneely
Madeleine Taleck
Natalya Weber
Joseph Young

Sebastian D. DeMark
Marian DeMark
Bernadette P. Henry
Thomas Obernuefemann
Daniel Rojas
Emma Wilkerson
Derwin Wilson, Jr.   
Efrain Yanez Jr.


Augustine Suter
Vincent Suter
Toby Tuckness
Ignatius D. DeMark
Jacob DeMark
Sean DeMark
Brennon Madrigal
Samuel Maneely
Patrick Weakley
Adam Wilkerson
Joseph Howard
Ethan DeMark
Luke Maneely
Tyler Tuckness
Mary Howard
Emma Maneely
Isabella Netzel
Brianna Reyes
Kayla Pryor
Yamilet Ruiz
Agnes Chione
Leslie Guevara
Cecilia Obernuefemann
Brenda Saldana-Perez
Regina Suter
Angela VandeWiele
Philomena Moynihan
Kassandra Avila-Perez
Dominique D. DeMark
Clare Obernuefemann
Abigail Paz

  TBD.   TBD.