January 8-13: Womens; Ignatian

February 5-10: Mens’ Ignatian

March 5-10: Womens’ Ignatian

* April 9-14: Priest Retreat

April 23-28: Mens’ Ignatian

May 16-19: Womens’ Virtues
(3 ½ Days)

* August (possible teachers retreat)

Aug 31-Sept 3: Mens’ Virtues
(Labor Day Weekend- 3 ½ Days)

Sept 17-22: Womens’ Ignatian

October 8-13: Mens’ Ignatian

October 24-27: Matrimony Retreat
(Open to married and engaged couples)

* Nov 12-17: Priest Retreat

Dec 10-15: Mens’ Ignatian

* Not open to public

What has God prepared for you in retreat?

A retreat is a time for extra graces, an

opportunity to gain great graces from God,

graces which are not available at any

other time. God reserves His greatest

graces for times when we are more

available and responsive to them. Some

are reserved for special feasts and

solemnities, when Holy Mother Church

celebrates the great mysteries of Our

Lord’s life on earth.

Some are reserved for special places.

Holy Mary is our mother and great 

benefactress; but she has special

sanctuaries, e.g., Lourdes or Fatima,

to which she attaches her greatest blessings

and miracles. The privilege of a retreat is to draw down upon us all the graces of God in their greatest plenitude. “Behold now is the acceptable time: behold now is the day of salvation.”[2 Cor. 6, 2]. 

Be assured that all the graces of God await you on this retreat. 

  • Souls established in virtue need renewing. Your grace will be a renovation of your spiritual life and a rekindling of your fervor. 
  • Souls divided in the service of God. You have now to detach your heart from creatures. “How long do you halt between two sides. If the Lord be God follow Him” [3 Kings 18, 21]. Your grace of retreat will be a grace of detachment. 
  • Souls given to worldly pleasures.  You must return to yourself and to God. For you the grace of retreat will be one of recollection and prayer. 
  • Souls struggling with long and violent temptations. You need strength to resist. “If you return and be quiet you shall be saved: in silence and hope shall your strength.”[Isaiah 30, 15]. For you the grace of retreat will be one of firmness and perseverance. 
  • Are you a soul hardened in sin? Impenitent? A soul struck with blindness and harshness? You require all the graces of God, nothing less will do. This retreat offers them to you, the grace of light on your state, the enormity of your faults, on the greatness of your loss for eternity. A realization of the judgments of God which await you. The grace of compunction. The grace of a firm resolution. The grace of a real and solid conversion.